Orleans Cathedrale and the Great Organ

Concept and original photographs by Jean-Pierre GRIVEAU

all right reserved for all the photographs on this page © jp griveau

Festival 2019

Festival 2018

Festival 2017

Festival 2016

Central nave

Great Organ Cavaillé-Coll

North transept woodwork

North triforium stained glass window

Barker Machine Barker of Bombarde

Case (Choir)

Ceilind under the dome of the terrace

Mechanics of the great Pedal

Stain glass window in the Joan of Arc chapel

Organ case cherub

North tower columns

Facade pipes

South transept rose window

Foot of the central turret (mirrored)

Southern flying buttresses

Pipes of the great Pedal

Bedside pinnacles

Pipes of the Great Cornet

          Empty case             Keyboards and mechanics            Facade pipes                 Table of “sommier“            “Abrégé“ of Choir

                                  Trumpet pipes           Registers and  engraved piece                  Reed pipes                       Pediment of tie rods


Bellows of Barker Machine

Mechanics of Barker Machine

Tank throat

“Jalousies“ of the expressiv box Swell

Pipes of Swell

“Laye“ of Swell

Tie rods inside

      Chimney pipes            Keyboards / “cartouche“               Tank throat                      Barker Machine                       Atlantean

   Bedside pinnacles                 Narthex window                         Slabs                              Framework                              Patch

                                                         Central turret               Pavilions of reeds pipes    Case and West rose window         

                                                        Pillar in the nave                          Bell                         Keystone in the choir